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3 Easy Ways to Build Your Insurance Sales Territory

March 4, 2021



Maximize your reach and grow your selling territory! We outline the best practices for insurance agents to follow.


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Mentioned in this episode:


5 Tips for Creating Your Personal Brand

Build Your Brand with Community Involvement

Do’s and Don’ts of Medicare Compliance

Learn How Medicareful Saves Insurance Agents Time

What is Medicare? (Medicare 101 Video)

Rules for Hosting a Compliant Medicare Educational Event

Rules for Hosting a Compliant Medicare Sales Event

Why Client Retention Should be Your Top Priority

Why Traditional Marketing is Still Effective


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What is Medicareful? How does it work? If you've been looking for a tool that combines online enrollment, client-facing plan quotes, drug cost estimates, a free CMS-compliant website, and more... don't miss this episode! We review updates to the Medicareful platform over the past year, and what our agents achieved while using it!

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You're interested in reclaiming your heritage with dual nationality, but how do you go about getting dual citizenship? You have a surprising number of options!

Signs of Eating Disorders to Watch for in Seniors

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When selling Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement policies, it’s important to remember that More than Medicare products are the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Medicare Advantage Trial Rights Explained for Agents

If you have a client who enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan but wants to go (back) to Original Medicare, they may qualify for a Medicare Advantage trial right! This would allow them to update their coverage outside of the Annual Enrollment Period.

Ritter Continues Expansion, Acquires Ohio-Based Quick Insured Brokerage

Ritter has announced its merger with Ohio-based Quick Insured Brokerage (QIB), an independent wholesale brokerage agency.


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