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4 Steps to Selling Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance | ASG124

March 28, 2019



Not sure how to show your clients the benefits of dental, vision, and hearing insurance products? In this episode of the ASG Podcast, we walk you through the process of selling DVH insurance plans from start to finish. Don’t forget to visit the show notes for a full list of Ritter's free DVH resources. Read the text version.

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Ritter’s DVH Resources:

DVH Cheat Sheet PDF
The Ritter Fact Finder

VIDEO: Selling Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Products

Articles for Your Clients:

Clouded Sight: Living with Cataracts
Does Medicare Cover Dental Care?
Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?
Keeping Teeth Strong & Healthy at Any Age
Is Medicare the Only Health Insurance I Need?
Medicareful Living

Also Mentioned in this Episode:

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How to Cross-Sell Insurance: The Advisor Approach
How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Wellness
Secure Bigger, Better Business with Ancillary Products
Senior Speak: Talking to Medicare Clients Age 65 & Older
Sense Success with Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plans
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