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4 Ways to Keep Your Medicare Business Warm This Winter

January 23, 2020



How do you keep your Medicare business thriving after Annual Enrollment ends? What can you sell outside of AEP? We talk products for your portfolio, selling strategies, and compliant follow-up, and more! 


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Mentioned in this Episode:


2012 Facts from LIMRA

3 Ways to Calculate Your Clients’ Life Insurance Needs

4 Reasons Why Ritter Should Be Your FMO Insurance Agency

Building Client Loyalty: More Than Just a Plan

Genesys Releases Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Getting Started Selling Medicare Supplements

Ritter Leads Program

Rules for Hosting a Compliant Medicare Educational Event

SNPs: The Secret to Surviving Lock-in

Secure a Bigger, Better Business with Ancillary Products

Stay Busy Outside of AEP With Special Enrollment Periods

The Part D SEP Triggers That Can Help You Post-AEP

Try Cross-Selling Annuities to Fuel Sales


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