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Agent Survival Kits Are Here!

October 17, 2017



Introducing the newest must-have resource for insurance agents — Agent Survival Kits! New to the market? Check out our Agent Survival Kit for Beginners. Been selling insurance for a while? Choose the Agent Survival Kit for Experts. Each kit is filled with resources like eBooks, articles, videos, and more!   

Every industry has a set of codes, rules, a way of doing business, abbreviations, and anagrams that are unique to services and work in that field.

We've certainly got alphabet soup in the health insurance industry, and when you add in government regulations; it’s a lot to keep track of — whether you’re new to the market or you’ve been doing this insurance agent thing for a while.

We thought we should do something about that.

So we developed something we’re calling an Agent Survival Kit. Two somethings, actually.

There’s one for beginners just starting out selling insurance and one for experts who have been at it for awhile. Both kits are packed with helpful eBooks, articles, videos, and more! 

New to the market? Survive today with the Agent Survival Kit for Beginners. This kit contains helpful tips and tricks to get your new insurance business started off on the right foot!

Been in the field for a while? Thrive tomorrow with our Agent Survival Kit for Experts! There’s always more to learn, compliance changes to adjust to, new products to sell, and fresh tools to take advantage of.

Which survival kit is right for you? Only you know the answer to that question, but you’ll find both kits at agent survival guide dot com slash kit. Check out our show notes for that link, click on it, and choose the kit that’s right for you.

And again, that’s agent survival guide dot com slash kit.

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