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April 9, 2021 | The Friday Five

April 9, 2021



The Friday Five for April 9, 2021:

  • AHIP Revamping Training Site
  • President Biden Moves Up Vaccine Deadline
  • Medicare COVID-19 Data Snapshot Update
  • Managing Mental Health & Wellness
  • New Spotify Features


Mentioned in this episode:


AHIP Marketing MA + FWA Training Site

Biden Says All Adults Will Be Vaccine Eligible By April 19

CMS Updates Medicare COVID-19 Data Snapshot

Do We Even Know How To Socialize Anymore?

‘Hey Spotify’ in-app virtual assistant now rolling out on iPhone

How To Do A Mental Health Day Right

Important 2022 AHIP Certification Training Updates You Should Know

NPR’s COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

Preliminary Medicare COVID-19 Data Snapshot

Spotify leaks another look at the Car Thing, this time from within its own app


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