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April 16, 2019



Introducing our newest feature: the Ask the Agent Survival Guide hotline! Ask questions. Get answers from the Agent Survival Guide team. Call in and ask your questions today!

Ask the Agent Survival Guide Hotline - 1-717-562-7211

You have questions. Most insurance agents do. But, where do you go for answers?

Ask the Agent Survival Guide!

Introducing our Ask the Agent Survival Guide Podcast Hotline!

Call us at 1-717-562-7211, leave a voicemail with your question, then hear it answered on our podcast.

It’s that simple!

In the voicemail, please tell us your name, the city and state you’re calling from, and of course, your question relating to health and life insurance sales in the senior market.

Now, there are some rules. We ask that you keep your submission within one minute. Be as clear and concise as possible.

You can definitely ask more than one question, but we do ask that you only ask one question per voicemail. Please call back and leave a separate message for each question.

Spam, unrelated questions, and disrespectful or rude messages will not be considered or tolerated. Please keep your inquiries business-related, polite, and free from any explicit language.

Also know that, by submitting a question, you’re acknowledging and agreeing to our Terms and Privacy policy, which you can find in our show notes.

Have questions? Get answers when you call our Ask the Agent Survival Guide Podcast hotline!

The number to call is 1-717-562-7211. That’s 1-717-562-7211.

We can’t wait to start answering your questions!

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