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Boost Business Selling Hospital Indemnity Insurance

May 28, 2020



Ready to grow your insurance business? Learn more about hospital indemnity insurance, a powerful ancillary tool for your portfolio. We cover what you need to know, from the basics to closing the sale!


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Learn more about Hospital Indemnity


Mentioned in this episode:


Cover those Copays with Hospital Indemnity Plans

How do healthcare prices and use in the U.S. compare to other countries?

How to Better Market Yourself

How to Follow up with Medicare Clients Compliantly

Medicare MSA Plans & Hospital Indemnity Insurance: The Perfect Pair

Methods to Boost Your Medicare Business

Ritter Insurance Marketing Official Website

Secure a Bigger, Better Business with Ancillary Products

Selling Hospital Indemnity with Medicare Advantage: Is It Worth It?


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Cover Those Copays with Hospital Indemnity Plans

Ready to start selling Hospital Indemnity? This episode covers the benefits of these plans and how to cross-sell them with products you've already got in your portfolio.


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Working with New Medicare Clients in Poor Health

When you meet with a new Medicare client who has a serious health condition or a hefty prescription drug history, flexible coverage is key for your client’s health and your book of business.


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