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February 26, 2021 | The Friday Five

February 26, 2021



The Friday Five for February 26, 2021:

  • President Biden nominates CMS Administrator
  • CMMI Admin picked by Biden Administration
  • Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine News
  • Fighting Zoom Fatigue
  • YouTube Supervised Experiences


Mentioned in this episode:


Biden Picks Health Policy Veteran to Run CMS

Biden selects Chiquita Brooks-LaSure as first Black woman to run Medicare

Dunkin’ adds avocado toast, matcha-topped doughnut and blueberry matcha latte to its spring menu

FDA review confirms safety and efficacy of single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, especially against severe cases

Report: Obama administration veteran Fowler tapped to head CMMI

Sick of all those video calls? Four ways to get over ‘Zoom fatigue’

Youtube’s ‘supervised experiences’ help parents choose what content their kids can see

Youtube Will Introduce Supervised Accounts with Parental Controls for Teens and Tweens


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Ritter has announced its merger with Ohio-based Quick Insured Brokerage (QIB), an independent wholesale brokerage agency.


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