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February 5, 2021 | The Friday Five

February 5, 2021



The Friday Five for February 5, 2021:

  • Humana announces Chief Health Equity Officer
  • Elizabeth Warren Joins New Senate Committee
  • Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines
  • BBB Says No to Posting COVID-19 Vaccine Card on Social - Here's Why
  • Using GameStop Stock Profits for Good


Mentioned in this episode:

9 best last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for everyone in 2021

14 seriously great practical gifts your valentine will love

18 of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts of all time

A college student made big bucks off GameStop stock. Now he’s donating video games to a children’s hospital

BBB Tip: Don’t share your COVID-19 vaccine card on social media

Chutes & Ladders–Humana names first chief health equity officer; Providence promotes execs in integration strategy

Different COVID-19 Vaccines (CDC)

Four COVID Vaccines Compared

GameStock on Today, Explained

How the COVID-19 Vaccines Compare to Each Other

Plunging GameStop Stock Tests the Will of Investors to Stick With the Ride

Warren to join Finance panel overseeing taxes, health care


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