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Halfway Through AEP: Reflect and Renew Your Medicare Sales

November 10, 2020



We've hit the halfway point of AEP! Now is a great time to think about what you're doing well! It's also beneficial to consider what could be improved on to really maximize your sales potential. Listen to learn how to reflect, renew, and re-energize your sales for the remainder of the Annual Enrollment Period.


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Mentioned in this episode:


4 Tips for Making a Better Insurance Pitch

Finish Work Faster Using e-Apps

How Client Retention Boosts Insurance Sales

How to Follow up with Medicare Clients Compliantly

Learn More About Medicareful

Meet the Ritter Sales Team!

Methods to Boost Your Medicare Business

Online Contracting with Ritter

Organization Tips and Tricks for AEP

Rules for Hosting a Compliant Medicare Educational Event

Rules for Hosting a Compliant Medicare Sales Event

See What Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Looks Like Now – 5 Years Later

Senior Speak: Talking to Medicare Clients Age 65 and Older

Stress Relief Tips to Get You Through AEP

The Hidden Value of Selling Medicare Supplements During AEP

The Ritter Platform Launches 3 New Tools and Shared Client Records

What Seniors Value Most in an MA Plan

Why Do People Buy Brand Names?


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