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How Medicare Helps Your Clients Stay Healthy

February 18, 2021



Did you know that Medicare is about more than just those moments when your clients are sick? Learn more about the health and wellness side of selling insurance.


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Grow your Medicare Business with Medicareful

Investopedia: Preventive Services

Medicare coverage of preventive care services

Medicareful Living

New Study: Daily Walk Can Add 7 Years to Your Life

Welcome to Medicare preventive visit

What is a Medicare Wellness Visit?

What You Should Know and Do this Flu Season If You Are 65 Years and Older

Why Seniors Should Avoid Isolation


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Prior authorization can influence the care and coverage you receive through Medicare, but it influences different parts uniquely.

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Medicare Advantage Trial Rights Explained for Agents

If you have a client who enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan but wants to go (back) to Original Medicare, they may qualify for a Medicare Advantage trial right! This would allow them to update their coverage outside of the Annual Enrollment Period.

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Ritter has announced its merger with Ohio-based Quick Insured Brokerage (QIB), an independent wholesale brokerage agency.

Ritter and HTA Financial Services Merge Medicare Wholesale Businesses

Ritter Insurance Marketing is excited to announce the merger of HTA Financial Services (HTA) and Ritter’s wholesale Medicare business.


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