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How to Build Rapport Selling Insurance Online and Over the Phone

November 12, 2020



Learn how to better connect with your sales prospects - even if those interactions are now happening virtually. We have 6 tips you can add to your insurance sales process today!


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Mentioned in this episode:


7 Strategies to Prevent Rapid Disenrollment from Medicare Plans

Benefits of Punctuality at Work

Brushing Teeth To Boost Your Confidence

Building Client Loyalty: More Than Just a Plan

Definition of Rapport

How to Build Rapport: A Powerful Technique

Parents are Struggling to Provide for Their Families During the Pandemic

Senior Speak: Talking to Medicare Clients Age 65 & Older

The Most Important Element of Sales: Preparation.

What Agents Forget to Do When Preparing for Appointments

Why Being a Likable Agent Is Good For Your Business

Why Listening Is Important in Sales

Why Rapport Matters To Your Business


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While events are often a great way to generate leads, holding Medicare educational events during the COVID pandemic is a legal and ethical grey area. What is allowed at seminars for the 2021 AEP?


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