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How to Get Started in Medicare Sales

January 26, 2021



New to the Medicare insurance industry? Welcome, and congratulations! We packed this episode with all the agent essentials - training, tools, enrollment periods and more! Basically, everything you want to know when starting out! 


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Mentioned in this episode:


[01:20] Consider Joining a Field Marketing Organization

The Benefits of Joining a Top Insurance FMO

[03:07] Complete Medicare Insurance Agent Training

What Is AHIP Certification and How Do I Get It?

[03:34] - AHIP Training Overview

[04:26] - Details on Completing the AHIP Training

AHIP Medicare and Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA) Training (Official Site)

[07:28] Create a Well-Rounded Medicare Portfolio

[07:56] - Which Medicare Products Should I Choose?

7 Powerful Practices for Selling Prescription Drug Plans

Selling Hospital Indemnity with Medicare Advantage: Is It Worth It?

4 Steps to Selling Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance

[08:29] - How Do I Choose the Right Medicare Products?

[09:29] Complete Medicare Contracts and Certifications

[10:04] - Medicare Contracting with Preferred Carriers

[11:00] - Medicare Product Certification

Ritter’s Certification Center

2021 Medicare Advantage & Part D Certification Info

[12:17] Secure Medicare Leads and Clients

What Does ‘Ready-to-Sell’ Mean for Medicare Agents?

[12:47] - FMO Lead and Marketing Programs

[13:37] - Follow-up to Keep Medicare Leads

[14:53] - Establish a Website to Create Medicare Leads

Demographics of Internet and Home Broadband Usage

[15:51] Use Efficient Medicare Sales Tools

[16:47] - What is Medicareful?

Medicareful – A CMS-Approved tool for insurance agents selling Medicare

[17:26] - Remote Medicare Sales Capabilities with Medicareful

Medicareful Enrollment Process Guide

[18:13] - Shared Client Records through Medicareful Accounts

[19:43] - The Ritter Platform

See how the Ritter Platform Works!

[20:25] - Medicare Quote Engine

[21:43] - Drug Cost Estimator

The Ritter Platform Launches New Drug Cost Estimator and Prefilled Applications

View the Drug Cost Estimator in action!

[22:35] - Clients

[23:41] - Tasks

[24:28] - Notes

[25:12] Understanding Medicare Enrollment Periods

[25:35] - Initial Enrollment Period (IEP)

The Medicare Initial Enrollment Period vs. the Medicare Initial Coverage Election Period

Late Enrollment Penalties

Enrolling in Medicare If You’re on Disability

Your Clients May Not Be Automatically Enrolled in Medicare

Getting Started Selling Medicare Supplements

[27:59] - Initial Coverage Election Period (ICEP)

Medicare Advantage: Enrollment and Disenrollment Basics

[29:26] - Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

5 Tips to Make the Most of AEP

5 Reasons Clients Switch Medicare Plans During AEP

[30:44] - Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (OEP)

CY 2019 MA Enrollment and Disenrollment Guidance

Definitive Guidelines for the New Open Enrollment Period

[32:17] - MSA Plan Enrollment Period

Fact Sheet on Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans

How to Pitch Medicare Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)

[33:57] - Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs)

Stay Busy Outside of AEP With Special Enrollment Periods

Medicare Advantage: Special Enrollment Periods

The Part D SEP Triggers That Can Help You Post-AEP

The Beginner’s Guide to D-SNPs


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