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How to Survive AEP

June 17, 2020



Get ready to make the most of AEP! We just launched our newest resource page - Surviving AEP - on the Agent Survival Guide Blog. If you want to really thrive this Annual Enrollment season, check it out! We talk AEP prep, AHIP, compliance, and more. There's even an opportunity for a portfolio review. Find "Surviving AEP" online at!


Hey there! It’s me, Sarah Rueppel, host of the Agent Survival Guide Podcast here to tell you about a really cool resource that we just launched on our website.

It’s called Surviving AEP, and it’s an entire page dedicated to helping you make the most of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

That period only lasts from October 15th through December 7th, (just 54 days!) and there are quite a few things that need to be done before you’re considered “ready-to-sell.”

Surviving AEP lays out what that path looks like and walks you through it, step-by-step.

AEP prep, compliance, AHIP, sales, and even managing stress while you’re trying to do all of those things. Very important, don’t want to be like me and get shingles in the midst of a pandemic.

But enough about me, although I do think this is the coolest feature, when you subscribe to our blog through the Surviving AEP page, you get a free portfolio review as our way of saying thank you.

Check it out here:

And as I’m known to frequently say, we will have that link in our show notes for you. Now go see for yourself!


Surviving AEP with Ritter Insurance Marketing


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Surviving AEP


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