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How to Use the New Medicare Plan Finder | ASG168

October 11, 2019



It's official! The new Medicare Plan Finder is now live on We've got all the info on the changes and how to use it, (including where to find your old prescription drug lists!) as well as answers to agents' frequently asked questions.


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Timecodes for FAQs:


How do you get to the Medicare Plan Finder? [1:49.522]


What updates are coming to the MPF? [4:00.806]


What are the pathways into the New Medicare Plan Finder? [5:21.855]


General FAQs about and the new Medicare Plan Finder [7:25.003]


If my client doesn’t have a Medicare number, are they still able to shop on the new MPF? [7:46.678]


Can we still use Drug ID and Password Dates to access saved drug lists? [8:05.585]


How do you save an anonymous search? [8:47.280]


Is the new MPF be available in Spanish? [9:00.004]


Will Medicare Agents still be able to do any kind of plan comparison for clients? [9:09.784]


When will the old Medicare Plan Finder be unavailable? [9:32.029]


If a beneficiary doesn’t want to set up a account, can they still use the new MPF? [9:43.596]


When performing an anonymous search, will the beneficiary need to go through the “learning screens?” [10:03.983]


What is the purpose of making beneficiaries log in to save their drug lists? [10:14.929]


Where can we send feedback or concerns about the new Medicare Plan Finder? [10:25.040]


Is there still a way to see if a person qualifies for Extra Help? [10:41.793]


Can a user self-enroll in a plan through the MPF? [10:51.518]


Will users have access to their Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) through [11:00.928]


Will the Medicare Plan Finder show logged-in users what Medigap/Medicare Supplement plan they currently have? [11:23.100]


Will the live chat be available 24/7 during AEP? [11:30.564]


Can a user enroll in a plan without creating an account? [11:47.962]


If the Medicare Plan Finder is not showing the correct Extra Help information, how can agents price the correct information? [11:57.398]


How often is Low Income Subsidy and Extra Help data updated? [12:22.797]


How does the live chat work? [12:31.529]


Is the live chat available for logged-out users? [12:44.857]


FAQs about account creation and logging in on and the Medicare Plan Finder [12:54.299]


Does the beneficiary need to have an Email address to create an account? [13:04.246]


Once a account is created will the username and password be activated immediately? [13:25.895]


If you try to create a account but already have one, will the system stop you? [13:39.686]


Can two beneficiaries have the same username? [13:58.570]


When a beneficiary sets up an account using the Medicare Plan Finder, will that also create a account at the same time? [14:10.739]


Are there password requirements? [14:29.132]


How often must the password be changed? [14:38.574]


Can you create an account if something doesn’t match what’s on file with CMS, like the MBI or zip code? [14:45.117]


Is the username and password the same for MPF and My Medicare dot gov? [15:06.207]


If you create an account with no email, how do you recover the log-in info? [15:13.143]


If a user forgets their account info, can they create a new one? [15:30.313]


FAQs about prescription drug lists and plan comparisons on the MPF and [15:41.593]


Will drugs auto-generate for people who did not previously have a account? [15:51.413]


Can users get a side-by-side, detailed plan comparison on one page? [16:18.533]


Can you look for Medigap plans on the Medicare Plan Finder? [16:28.646]


Can you look up provider information for Medicare Advantage plans in the MPF? [16:43.760]


Does the MPF give ratings for Medigap/Medicare Supplement plans? [16:56.102]


Can you see Medigap plans specifically for the user’s area and age? [17.10.809]


Can you compare Medigap/Med Supp plans using the Medicare Plan Finder? [17:30.609]


How would a user edit an existing drug list? [17:43.623]


Will medications auto-generate for users who are under 65 on disability? [18:02.952]


Is there a way to get more information on various services? [18:18.511]


Can users print plan details and comparisons? [18:32.847]


Has the drug list limit been increased? [18:38.242]


Will Part B drug information be included on the MPF? [18:48.441]


How many pharmacies can you choose to price compare? [19:01.078]


Can you find which pharmacies are preferred in Medicare drug plans? [19:09.577]


Are Dual-Eligible Demonstration plans on the MPF? [19:21.470]


Where does the data on Medigap plans come from and how often is it updated? [19:30.037]


Can you enroll in a Medigap/Medicare Supplement plan through the Medicare Plan Finder? [19:44.325]


Mentioned in this episode:


CMS New Medicare Plan Finder page

CMS Medicare Plan Finder Webinar (Choose Webinar recording - August 16)

Find Your Old Drug Lists on

Top 10 Questions & Answers for those Helping People with Medicare


CMS August Webinar Topic Timecodes:


Client’s account creation [14:38]

Plan type selection (Original Medicare + Med Supp/PDP or Medicare Advantage) [17:00]

Drug selection and validation of dosage, packaging, or preferred pharmacies [17:53]

MAPD plan comparison and filtering [23:13]

PDP plan comparison and filtering [30:41]


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