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Podcasts We’re Currently Listening To (Winter 2021) | The Friday Five

January 1, 2021



We’re kicking off the first Friday Five episode of 2021 with podcast recommendations! Here are five podcasts that our host, Sarah is currently listening to. 🎧


Mentioned in this episode:



Art Attack!

Is the Mona Lisa a Fake?

What Happened to the Amber Room?

California City – Start with How I Found Out About California City

The Leviathan Chronicles – Start with Evil Undertow

Remy’s Life Interrupted – Start with EP1

Stuff You Should Know

Cabbage Patch Kids: Must-Have Toy of the Century

Porcupines: Little Stabby Cutie Pies

Short Stuff: How Eyes In a Painting Follow You

Short Stuff: Plastic Pink Flamingos


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