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July 9, 2021 | The Friday Five

July 9, 2021



The Friday Five for July 9, 2021:

  • Medicare DVH Expansion
  • HHS & Surprise Medical Bills
  • Summer Reading for Advisors
  • Breathing Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure?
  • Shrinkflation


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Mentioned in this episode:


HHS Announces Rule to Protect Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills

5-Minute Daily Breathing Exercise May Equal Meds in Lowering Blood Pressure

10 Books Advisors Should Read This Summer

Baked Feta 'TikTok Pasta': We Need To Talk About Where It Really Came From

Beware Of 'Shrinkflation,' Inflation's Devious Cousin

Endless Thread – “Shrinkflation

First rules to protect patients from unexpected medical bills issued by agencies

Most surprise medical bills to end under new rule

No Surprises Act Regs Leave Out Broker Comp Disclosure Regs

One way companies are concealing higher prices: Smaller packages

The Health 202: Expansions could be coming to Medicare

TikTok made me buy it


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