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June 11, 2021 | The Friday Five

June 11, 2021



The Friday Five for June 11, 2021:

  • Apple Podcasts Update
  • First Looks for Ritter Agents
  • Walmart and Amazon Pharmacy updates
  • New controversial Alzheimer's drug
  • Sales skills refresher


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Mentioned in this episode:


3 Sales Skills Everyone Should Know

A “disgraceful decision:” Researchers blast FDA for approving Alzheimer’s drug

Amazon and Walmart try – again – to upend prescription drug prices

Amazon Pharmacy to Offer Six Month Prescriptions Starting at $6

Experts: CMS should act quickly on a national coverage decision for Biogen's newly approved Alzheimer's drug

iOS 14.6 Beta Brings Tweaks to Podcasts App Following Complaints

New Alzheimer's drug could blow up health spending

Rabbits by Terry Miles

The Top 15 U.S. Pharmacies of 2020: Market Shares and Revenues at the Biggest Companies

Users Despair at Apple Podcasts App After iOS 14.5 Update

Walmart Adds Drug Discounts to Its Subscription Service. CVS and Walgreens Stock Are Down.


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