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June 19, 2020 | The Friday Five

June 19, 2020



The Friday Five for June 19, 2020:

  • AHIP 2021 Certification Reminder
  • HealthNow and Highmark Affiliation Agreement
  • New Link Between COVID-19 and Diabetes?
  • Face Masks and Skin Care
  • Drug Found to Reduce Death in Worst COVID-19 Cases
AHIP episode playlist:


What is AHIP and Why Do You Need It?

FAQs about AHIP

AHIP Test Tips & Tricks for Medicare Certification


Mentioned in this episode:


4 Dermatologist-Approved Steps for Treating (and Preventing) Acne From Face Masks

A Dermatologist’s Guide to Combatting the Skin Issues That Flare When Wearing a Face Mask

Apple announces virtual WWDC 2020 will begin on June 22nd

Apple chooses 350 WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge winners, spotlights six

Apple’s WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge winners determined to shape the future

Celebrate Juneteenth (virtually) from anywhere in the nation

Highmark Inc. and HealthNow New York Inc. Announce Affiliation Agreement

Is your mask causing breakouts? Here are 9 expert-approved solutions

Juneteenth celebration events held virtually this year

‘Life-saving’ coronavirus drug discovered by Oxford researchers

Scientists Warn That Covid-19 Could Cause Diabetes

WHO cheers COVID-19 trial results of dexamethasone

WWDC coverage on MacRumors


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