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Medicare Isn’t Just for Seniors: Selling to the Under-65 Market

July 20, 2021



Seniors aren't the only beneficiaries in Medicare plans. Increase your Medicare sales by broadening your client demographics. Learn how in this can't miss episode!


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Mentioned in this episode:


4 Steps to Finding the Perfect PDP for Your Client

Contact the Team at Ritter Insurance Marketing

Covering the Demographics of Enrollees in Medicare Advantage and Fee-For-Service Medicare

Facts about Social Security Disability Insurance

How Selling Insurance Helps Give Back

Info about Ritter’s Medicare Portfolio

Medicare Advantage Demographics Report, July 2016

Medicare beneficiary demographics – July 2020

Medicare's Role for People Under Age 65 with Disabilities

New Report Shows Significant Increase in Medicare Advantage Enrollment Among Minority and Dually-Eligible Beneficiaries

Q&A: Disability Annuities for Railroad Employees

Social Security Listing of Impairments

Social Security Quarter of Coverage (QC)

SNPs: The Secret to Surviving Lock-in

Stay Busy Outside of AEP With Special Enrollment Periods

The Beginner’s Guide to D-SNPs


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