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Reassuring Clients During Difficult Times

July 28, 2020



How are your clients doing? Do they have questions about COVID-19 and Medicare? Have you reached out? Have they? If you're not sure what to say, or even where to start, we've got some suggestions in this episode. (And they're easy to implement, too!)


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Mentioned in this episode:


Be Prepared to Discuss Medicare Telehealth Coverage This AEP

How You Can Sell Insurance in Your State During COVID-19

Find Out How to Take Safe, Easy Medicare Enrollments Online

Get Registered with Ritter – It’s FREE!

Learn More About the Ritter Platform

More Seniors Are Embracing Technology. But Can They Use It? UCSD Researchers Suggest Asking Them.

Ritter and Carrier Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ritter Can Help You Stay in Touch with Your Clients

The Top 5 Benefits of Positive Thinking


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