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Selling Medicare Products – Why It’s Definitely Worth Your While

May 20, 2021



Why sell Medicare insurance products? We outline the reasons to start a career as an independent insurance agent in the Medicare market. Listen now to learn more!


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Mentioned in this episode:


2020 Consumer Survey Insights: Medicare Enrollment Decisions

Do’s and Don’ts of Medicare Compliance

Four Reasons Why Ritter Should Be Your FMO Insurance Agency

Getting Started Selling Medicare Supplements

How are Seniors Choosing and Changing Health Insurance Plans?

KFF: A Dozen Facts About Medicare Advantage in 2020

KFF: Medicare Advantage Fact Sheet

Older People Projected to Outnumber Children for First Time in U.S. History

National Vital Statistics Reports – Births: Final Data for 2013

Ritter’s Medicare Quote Engine

SNPs: The Secret to Surviving Lock-in

Secure a Bigger, Better Business with Ancillary Products

Selling Hospital Indemnity with Medicare Advantage – Is It Worth It?

What is Original Medicare?


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