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Top 5 Podcasts of 2021

December 23, 2021



It's that time of year again! Sarah's looking back at the year that was, through the lens of her Top 5 Podcasts of 2021. These are the shows she went back to again and again, favorite episodes included!


Mentioned in this episode:


Spotify Playlist: Top 5 Podcasts & Fave Episodes of 2021


Today Explained


MO Medicaid MO Problems

Who Owns Amanda Knox?

Havana syndrome

Out of stock


The Bright Sessions

Bright Sessions Episode 1: 101 - Patient #12-D-10 (Sam), Session 1

AM Archives Episode 1: 601 - For People Like You | The AM Archives

Order & Chaos Episode 1: 617 – Barba Tenus Sapientes

The College Tapes Episode 1: 701 – Qui Tu Vis Esse


99% Invisible

Artistic License


I Can't Believe It's Pink Margarine

Stuccoed in Time

The House that Came in the Mail Again


Business Wars

Christmas Movie Wars | A Very Merry Rivalry | 1

Estée Lauder vs. L'Oréal | Telephone, Telegraph, Tell-A-Woman | 1

Fast Fashion | Fire Sale | 1

Late Night Wars | The Stars Realign | 1



"Body Positivity" Is Meaningless

Every Generation Has Its Cringe

Sorry SNL, Gen Z Didn't Invent That Slang

The Yassification of the Internet

You’re Using “Woke” Wrong


Goodnight, World

Bert & Ernie & The Clean Machines

Big Bird, Big City

The Count’s Bedtime Castle


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