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Top 5 Podcasts of 2020 | The Friday Five

December 25, 2020




We don’t just make a podcast, we love listening to them, too! Despite 2020 effectively cancelling her commute, our host Sarah listened to over 7,000 minutes of podcast audio. Which shows made it into her top 5 for 2020? Listen to find out in this bonus Friday Five episode!


Mentioned in this episode:


99% Invisible

Episode 402 – Instant Grammification

Episode 411 – Podcast Episode

Episode 420 – The Lost Cities of Geo

Articles of Interest

A Fantasy of Fashion: Articles of Interest #7

Knockoffs: Articles of Interest #8

Perfume: Articles of Interest #9

Suits: Articles of Interest #10

Diamonds: Articles of Interest #11

Wedding Dresses: Articles of Interest #12

Business Wars

Denim Wars – Start with Cowboys & Indigos

Starbucks vs. Dunkin – Start with A Steamy Culture Clash

TikTok vs. Instagram – Start with Codename

TikTok vs. Instagram – The TikTok Effect (Interview with NYT’s Taylor Lorenz)

Dolly Parton’s America – Start with Sad A** Songs

The Missing Cryptoqueen – Start with Episode 1: Dr. Ruja

Six Minutes – Start with Six Minutes Begins


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Podcast Recommendations for Summer 2020

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Podcasts We're Currently Listening To

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