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July 2, 2021 | The Friday Five

July 2, 2021



The Friday Five for July 2, 2021:

  • Third Installment of CMS Proposed Rule 2022
  • Update on Attempts to add DVH to Medicare
  • Walmart & Novo Nordisk partner in new effort
  • How to take a mental health day
  • How to block and report text spam

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Mentioned in this episode:


CMS Proposed Rule to Increase Americans’ Access to Health Coverage for 2022

EXPLAINER: Dental, vision and hearing benefits for Medicare

Everything Coming to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video in July 2021

How to block and report text spam

How to know when you need a mental health break and ways to make the most of it

Walmart teams with Novo Nordisk to launch private brand analog insulin


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