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Top 5 Podcasts of 2019 | The Friday Five

December 20, 2019



We love podcasts! Our host, Sarah listened to over 8,500 minutes of podcast audio this year. Which shows made the cut for her top 5 of 2019? Find out in this special Friday Five episode!


Mentioned in this episode:


99% Invisible

Episode 368 - All Rings Considered

Episode 340 - The Secret Lives of Color

Episode 323 - The House that Came in the Mail

Episode 314 - Interrobang

Episode 305 - The Laff Box

Episode 303 - The Hair Chart

Episode 281 - La Sagrada Familia

Episode 267 - The Trials of Dan and Dave

Episode 181 - Milk Carton Kids

Episode 176 - Hard to Love a Brute


Arden – Start with Episode 0 – “Who Did It?”

Episode 7 – “The Skunk Ape Did It”


Girl in Space – Start with Episode 101: Cheese Is Delicious Science

Episode 112: Find Me

Episode 113: Force of Nature



The Bridge – Start with Episode 01: Bedtime Stories

Mini-Episode 01: Fight or Flight

Mini-Episode 03: The Wager



The Bright Sessions – Start with Episode 101 – Patient #12-D-10 (Sam), Session 1

Episode 410 – Rose

Spinoff – The AM Archives



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