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April 16, 2021 | The Friday Five

April 16, 2021




The Friday Five for April 16, 2021:

  • FWA and COVID-19
  • CMS proposals and Biden's health agenda
  • One vaccine for all coronaviruses?
  • Identifying your “natural market”
  • What exactly is an NFT?


Mentioned in this episode:


3 major health items included in Biden’s budget request

AHIP Marketing MA + FWA Training Site

A Surprising Vaccine Rival May Upset the Dreams of Anyone Holding Moderna and Pfizer Stock

Buy This Column on the Blockchain! Why can’t a journalist join the NFT party, too?

CMS proposes 2% pay bump for rehab, psychiatric facilities

Car Thing by Spotify


Fraud, waste and abuse in health care claims: A bad situation worsened by the pandemic

How to Build Out Your Natural Market

The Daily: Cryptocurrency's Newest Frontier

Today, Explained: WTF is an NFT?

Spotify’s Car Thing debuts as a limited release for selected US users


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Articles to Share with Your Clients:


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