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Why It’s Time to Take a More Relaxed Approach to Insurance Sales

April 20, 2021



Is the hard sell making it harder for you to sell insurance? High-pressure tactics don't work like they used to. Find out what you can do differently and still make the sale.


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Mentioned in this episode:


3 Tips to Put Your Customer in the Right Mindset to Make a Purchase

4 Tips for Making a Better Insurance Sales Pitch

5 Ways to Implement Education Based Marketing

7 Reasons Salespeople Don’t Close the Deal

7 Strategies to Prevent Rapid Disenrollment from Medicare Plans

Active Listening in Sales: The Ultimate Guide

Adaptive Selling for Relationship Building

An Alternative to High Pressure Selling

A new understanding: what makes people trust and rely on the news

Best ways to sever ties with pushy insurance agent?

Don’t Panic! Stress is Contagious

How Client Retention Boosts Insurance Sales

How Planking Became the Internet’s Latest Bored Game

Pushy salespeople are the worst.

Salesforce Sales Resources

Stress symptoms: Effects on your body and behavior

The Complete Guide to Client Loyalty and Retention

The Sales Script Is (Mostly) Dead: 2 Tricks for Better Interactions

The Ugly Truth About Pushy Insurance Sales People

Why Being Happy Is Your Ticket to Being Healthier

Why Educational Content is Vital to Your Sales Team Success

Why Your Salespeople Should Be Trained Problem Solvers


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