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December 13, 2019 | The Friday Five

December 13, 2019



The Friday Five for December 13, 2019:

  • Some schools legally able to bill Medicaid for health care services
  • Medicare Plan Finder glitches and the value of following-up with clients
  • The Supreme Court hearing arguments over ACA's risk corridors losses and repayments
  • Congress, the LHCC Act, and an end to surprise medical bills?
  • Next-level, wearable health care tech and other cool stuff from Pediatrics 2040
Mentioned in this episode:


Congress’ new plan to end surprise medical bills, explained

Extending Medicaid to schools

Future of Medicine Means No More Fibbing To Your Doctor

Lower Health Care Cost Act Section by Section

More kids on Medicaid to get health care in school

Supreme Court Could Help Health Insurers Collect $12 Billion From USA

Upright Posture Training Device

Will Glitches in Medicare’s ‘Plan Finder’ Leave Some Seniors Stuck in the Wrong Plan?


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